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Lehning ®


Melatonin (0.08 %)
Orange blossom oil (0.05 %)
Gelling agent: Gum arabic
Sweetener: Stevia- Rebaudioside A
Bulking agents: Maltitol Syrup, Sorbitol Syrup, Purified Water

Product overview

50 g box

ACL 34015 6018874 5

Chewable mass

RosemaryRosmarinus Officinalis

Origin of nameThe origin of the name Rosmarinus is still uncertain: Latin ros marinus, which transla...

Pâte Suisse for rapid sleep onset

Pâte Suisse Good Night

Sucking pastilles

Consult your pharmacist.


Dietary supplement containing melatonin to restore rapid sleep onset. Patented green technology XTRAGREEN TM. In case of clock changes, travel abroad, etc., melatonin helps to reduce the time needed to fall asleep and alleviate the effects of jet lag.

  • Sugar-free 
  • Sweetened with Stevia  
  • Pleasant taste
  • Paraben-free, lactose-free, gluten-free, free from animal products.

Effects on ability to drive or use machines: this product may alter your alertness.

Excessive consumption may produce a laxative effect.

Usage Instructions

Pastilles to be sucked. The beneficial effects of melatonin are obtained by the consuming 1 mg per day (1 pastille) before bedtime to reduce the time needed to fall asleep and at least 0.5 mg just before bedtime on the 1st day of travel and in the few days following the day of arrival to mitigate the effects of jet lag.

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1 pastille to be sucked daily before bed.
Not suitable for under-12s: 1 pastille to be sucked daily before bed.


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