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Heat, tiredness and a sedentary lifestyle can give rise to venous circulatory disturbances.

To ease symptoms such as tired, heavy legs, general heaviness or haemorrhoids, we have a range of solutions to offer in the form of our homeopathic and herbal medicines.

For your comfort, we also propose our soothing cosmetic gel ClimaxolGel.


This is not a medicinal product
Gel ClimaxolGel
Cosmetic gel for light legs
Other everyday solution

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Pregnancy is not without its physical challenges - fatigue, back pain, digestive problems, poor circulation and skin rashes are some of those. Here’s how to limit the unpleasant aspects and have a more enjoyable pregnancy.
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With the arrival of good weather, those of you who suffer from circulation problems can experience discomfort in the legs known as « heavy legs ». Warm temperatures cause the veins in your legs to dilate, which means they struggle to pump blood back up to the heart, and blood stagnates in the legs. Here are our solutions for circulation problems.