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Our approach

 from leaf to bottle

We cultivate an attitude in which our solutions, based on and inspired by plants, provide a positive response to everyday ills.
Health, like plants, needs to be cared for and maintained, and deserves daily cultivation. Balance is a permanent concern. Every action to promote health contributes to this harmony.

We are committed to helping our patients by providing responses to their health issues that respect the human organism and complement traditional medicine.
We make every effort to select and guarantee constant quality in our natural raw materials.
Developing our solutions is at the heart of our priorities.



We are committed to helping our patients by providing plant-based responses to their health issues that respect the human organism and complement of offer alternatives to traditional medicine.

Our attitude and our ethic: making the most of our natural environment by developing non-invasive natural health solutions.

Our homeopathic medicines are multi-ingredient, meaning that each of our formulae is made up of a number of homeopathic strains in low dilution.
Our solutions thus treat not just the main symptoms of the illness, but also the associated symptoms.
Our aim? To offer effective remedies to deliver deep treatment to the greatest number of patients.

Homeopathic medicines may be made from fresh or dried plants. The active ingredients are extracted from the plants by a mechanical process that begins with crushing, followed by hot or cold extraction, filtration and maceration to obtain a mother tincture. This concentrate of active ingredients is then diluted before being used to make up our formulations.



We are deeply committed to medicines based on plants and nature.
Because phytotherapy is a therapeutic method based on the action of medicinal plants, we offer a range of phytotherapy products to act as a real alternative or complement to traditional treatments.
Our phytotherapy medicines, formulated exclusively from plants, offer effective solutions for diseases calling for a rapid ad hoc response.


Other everyday solution

Taking care of your health is primordial, which is why we develop plant-based formulations ideal for everyday use: infusions, gels, pastilles etc. Thanks to our expertise in plant selection and the care and respect we bring the manufacturing of our solutions, the products we offer are often unrivalled in terms of quality.


Backed by our pharmaceutical expertise and knowledge of plants, we offer a unique range composed of over 93% naturally sourced ingredients.
The "3" range combines the virtues of three  active ingredients from plants acting in synergy to address all skin problems. We believe beauty is best at its most natural, free of parabens, colorants, silicon and phthalates: respect for the skin and its physiological balance are key to Lehning cosmetics.