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Where are the medicinal products manufactured?

100% of Lehning medicines are 100% manufactured in France from fresh and dried plants, while the active ingredients have been developed at the Lorrain site near Metz for nearly 80 years. Ground, macerated and then filtered, all medicines are developed in accordance with pharmaceutical standards and with an average of more than 150 quality controls per medicine.

Are there any chemical products?

No added chemicals is one of the values promoted by Laboratoires Lehning since its inception. The active ingredients from plants and manufactured at the Lorrain site near Metz do not contain any pesticides or heavy metals. They are controlled and validated by a number of internal and external tests. Nonetheless, there are synthesis substances in the (base) excipients of tablets, such as lactose.  

Are your products organic?

The medicines meet different and higher quality standards because of requirements for organic certification reserved for foods and cosmetics. Some plants in the composition of our medicines are indeed certified organic yet not declared in the actual product. More than 156 quality controls for example are done on our L52 medicinal product with higher quality standard in accordance with the requirements for organic certification.

Where do I find your products?

All our medicines are sold exclusively in pharmacies in France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Russia and many other countries. We favour the advice of pharmacists to provide patients with the best answer for all daily ailments. 

Why do your products contain alcohol?

Alcohol, or even ethanol, is a natural preservative of active ingredients in plants. The cereal or vegetable based alcohol in our medicines enables the natural preservation of the active substances. For information purposes, the amount contained in a daily dose of L52 for example is the equivalent of one teaspoon of salad dressing exactly.

What is homeopathy?

Since forever, there has not been just one practice of medicine but many practices of medicine. Homeopathy is a practice of medicine like phytotherapy or any conventional medicine. This age-old medicine relies on natural traditions and the fact that every individual must recover completely. This completeness is one of the three foundations of homeopathic medicine.  In more simple terms, it addresses a holistic patient approach including behaviour towards stress, nutritional balance, physical activity and broader lifestyle habits. Everything that makes up a virtuous circle of good health.

Are you a French company?

Laboratoires Lehning was founded in 1935 by René Lehning in METZ. Since its beginnings, it has been a 100% French company backed by family capital thereby maintaining the company's independence and values. Stéphane Lehning who succeeded Gérard Lehning is the grandson of the founder and current president of the group of the same name.

How long have you been making your products?

In 1935, René Lehning created Laboratoires Lehning to answer a calling, that of treating the greatest number of patients with simple and practical solutions for healing the body without harming it. Therefore, we have been offering medicines for nearly 80 years in France and more than 20 countries.

What are your most widely sold medicinal products?

L52 is our medicine that has reached the largest number of patients with over 1 million units sold every years. It is recommended as a preventive and curative treatment during epidemics and post-influenza targeting all influenza symptoms (fever, aches and pains, and shivering). Our second most widely sold medicine is L72 for sleep disorders followed by BIOMAG AGRUMES targeting fatigue related to stress and anxiety, SINUSPAX for rhinitis and congestion, and CLIMAXOL drops for circulation disorders.