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Our vision of health

For over 75 years, Laboratoires Lehning have cultivated the ethic of natural health (link: ethics of natural health) initiated by founder René Lehning. With three generations of expertise in homeopathy, phytotherapy and cosmetic skin care, Laboratoires Lehning guarantee their patients/consumers:

  • a modern, holistic vision of health: diseases affect the body's overall equilibrium
  • an approach that combines treatment and wellbeing: Lehning solutions are 100% natural and have no unwanted side effects.
  • a commitment to sustainable development: the manufacture of products based on fresh plants is environmentally friendly.

Our commitment to social responsibility

In addition to this commitment to 100% natural medicine, Lehning has also remained a family company on a human scale:

  • 100% French production in Sainte-Barbe (Lorraine)
  • Share ownership confined to the family, guaranteeing independence and permanency
  • Investments in sustainable development, with over 35 m² of solar panels at the Sainte-Barbe plant and 16 hectares of wooded gardens, waste recycling, a policy to reduce CO2 emissions, etc.

Our international development

Whilst adhering to these fundamentals, Laboratoires Lehning have also pursued a policy of openness and external growth and now operate in over 20 countries:

  • Subsidiaries in Spain, Germany and Portugal
  • Partnerships with distributors in Italy, Canada, Pakistan, etc.

Lehning Laboratory is also :

  •  100 specialities and over 2,000 active substances
  •  8 million units of drops produced
  •  100% French production at the Sainte-Barbe production site in Lorraine.
  •  Two locations in France: Paris and Sainte-Barbe (Metz)
  •  An international presence in over 20 countries
  •  330 employees
  •  2012 revenue of €40 million

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