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Lehning Quality

pharmaceutical quality

Unique knowhow based on expert knowledge of the benefits of plants and their active ingredients, coupled with an insistence on quality and compliance with the rules laid down by the European Pharmacopoeias.
Our solutions are subject to strict preparation and  inspection rules from conception to the pharmacy shelf.

Strict controls on preparation

2,500 natural substances are used in homeopathy, ranging from the most common to the very rarest, all scrupulously classified and traceable all the way through to dispensing. All raw materials based on plants, minerals or animal sources are subject to a strict regime of pharmaceutical approval before being employed in the manufacturing process. 

A commitment to quality

Health is our most precious asset, which is why we pay the greatest attention to the quality of our solutions:

  • Strict inspection of all raw materials: all plants are carefully selected, whether in dry or fresh form.
  • Scrupulous compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP): a specialist department carries out a quality analysis of all the raw materials entering the plant and every product leaving it.
  • Constant inspection at every stage of production, with total product quality as its goal.

Our L72 product, for example, undergoes 150 internal inspections before it reaches the pharmacy shelf.

An extensive range of solutions formulated to respect the human body and effectively combat the symptoms of illness.


We have always placed great emphasis on developing new formulations and adapting our existing solutions to changes in society (methods of consumption, etc.).
Our experts are constantly developing, testing and filing for approvals for our solutions, according to our code of ethics, the concentration of active ingredients contained in the plants in question, the dictates of pharmaceutical quality, respect for the individual, and the expectations of our patients.
Every year, we bring out new products to meet their needs or expectations. One example is Biomag, a medicine with a new flavour to facilitate and aid treatment compliance in adults and children.
Even though following a treatment could never be described as a pleasure, patient wellbeing and the quality of our treatments are commitments we take very seriously indeed.