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A family history

Family Lehning

A French pioneer in homeopathy

René Lehning is one of the pioneers of homeopathy. Trained in homeopathic medicine, he created his first medicines to treat the Spanish Flu epidemic. Encouraged by how effective they proved, he founded Laboratoires Lehning in 1935. The founding of the business marked the beginning of mechanised production and the marketing of homeopathic and phytotherapy medicines.

The resurgence of phytotherapy

The marketing of phytotherapy products was a new  idea, since this was a period when traditional herbalists were losing ground to the pharmacies. As experts in the production of 100% natural treatments, Laboratoires Lehning were keen to exploit the properties of plants for use in both homeopathy and phytotherapy. After the Second World War, the firm registered all its formulae with the French Ministry of Health, in 1948

Progress in France

Laboratoires Lehning prospered on the strength of their flagship product: L52 to treat flu-like symptoms. At the same time, homeopathy was gaining ground, although it was not to be recognised in the French Pharmacopoeia until 1965.

International developement

On the strength of successful growth in France and following the arrival at the helm of Gérard Lehning, son of the founder, Laboratoires Lehning embarked on a process of international expansion:

  • Subsidiaries were created in Spain, Germany and Portugal
  • Partnerships were formed with distributors in Italy, Canada, Pakistan etc.

Now operating in over 20 countries, the firm remains true to its origins and adheres to the ethical principles of natural health. The company has been run since 2003 by Stéphane Lehning, grandson of René Lehning.