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Lehning ®


China rubra 4 DH
Adrenalinum 6 DH
Secale cornutum 4 DH
Vinca minor 3 DH
Calcarea muriatica 3 DH
Clematis vitalba 4 DH
Hydrastis canadensis 4 DH
Carduus marianus TM
Trillium pendulum 3 DH
Excipient with known effect: ethanol.

Product overview

30 ml bottle

Authorised medicinal product n° D. TR. 0689 - CIP 34009 306 031 0 9.


HamamelisHamamelis Virginiana

Geographical areaGrows wild in the eastern part of North America, mainly in humid woody areas, or is...

Venous disturbances


Oral drops, solution

Medicinal product not subject to medical prescription. Ask your pharmacist for advice.


Homeopathic medicinal product traditionally used in venous and lymphatic circulation disorders and in case of haemorrhoid attacks.

  • Read carefully the package leaflet
  • Contains alcohol
  • Medicine for adults only

Following situations should be avoided:  
- do not sit or stand for long periods,                                        
- avoid prolonged trampling,    
- do not wear too tight clothes (such as tight pants, boots),
- do not wear too flat-heeled or high-heeled shoes,
- be careful with sun exposure or heat sources for your legs,
- be careful with excessive weight gain,                                  
- avoid food known to favour veins congestion: alcohol, spices, coffee, tea, tobacco.                 
- elevate your legs as frequently as possible, especially at night in your bed,
- do regularly physical exercises (brisk walking, swimming, gymnastics, cycling),
- shower your legs with cold water,                                              
- massage your legs,
- wear compression stockings, tights or socks.    

Ask your pharmacist, one of the main partner of your health. If symptoms do not improve or worsen, consult your doctor.



To be taken in a small amount of water, preferably not with meals. Oral use.

30 drops 3 times a day.


This is not a medicinal product
Gel ClimaxolGel
Cosmetic gel for light legs
Other everyday solution

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